Patient Engagement Digital Front Door for a Better Experience

The patient interacts with the healthcare system at multiple points during their care journey, so they expect seamless digital interactions in many areas, so healthcare organizations should adapt their communication strategies and potentially adopt new engagement tools.

With patient engagement tools, physicians can actively involve patients in healthcare decision-making to keep them engaged and informed about their health.


Engage Your Patients Better with EHNOTE

Quick Self-scheduling

Allows patients to manage appointments, check-in faster, schedule appointments in advance with a convenient multi-view calendar, book recurring appointments at once, and use digital front doors such as QR scanning to avoid waiting in the lobby.

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Let patients know that you care with personalized birthday greetings, share the latest hospital announcements, send alerts for medication, and send customizable reminders for appointments, follow-ups, and payments automatically via email and SMS.

Verify Insurance Eligibility During Registration

Check whether the patient is eligible for insurance during registration and simplify documentation, claim processing, and third-party administration for increased convenience.

Online Payment Gateway

Enable patients to make secure payments through online payment portals and cut down the waiting lines at the billing desk.

Access to Personal Health Records

Allow patients to view their health records, upload health information such as allergies, birth history, nutrition history, family history, vaccination history, menstrual history, surgery history, and more.

Access to Virtual Care

Enable patients to interact with physicians through a secure and convenient portal and access quality treatment seamlessly using a mobile device from anywhere.

Quick e-prescriptions

Prescribe medicine from a connected network of pharmacies to ensure medicine availability and patient safety even during a virtual care session and prescribe new medicine available in the global market with the help of regularly updated medicinal data for increased efficacy.

Personalized Patient App

A personalized patient portal allows patients to book appointments for themselves and their loved ones, access health information, manage family records, access telemedicine, view appointment history, and securely make payments. It also allows providers to send medication reminders, promotional notifications, as well as track patient activities.

Self-Registration Digital kiosk & QR Code

Digi App enables patients to register themselves using digital kiosks, and QR code allows patients to scan using their mobile phones to schedule appointments and cut down long waiting lines at the front desk of your healthcare organization.


Keep track of patient’s health and routine activities such as all-day activity, exercise, heart rate, sleeping patterns and nutrition with the help of health and lifestyle tracking devices to determine the right care plans.


Patient Empowerment

Enables patients to schedule and manage appointments.

Improved Engagement

Enables Providers to interact with patients more effectively.

Streamlined Workflow

Automated Tools to streamline the workflow.

Brand Consistency

Make an impression on the market with your hospitals personalized patient app.

Increased Revenue

Integrated, secure and easy payment methods to boost revenue.

Improved Care Outcomes

Enables to involve patients in healthcare decision-making for improved care outcomes.

Bridge the gap and expand the connections with your patients!