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Population Health Management

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Unified data

One Central Location for
All the Patients’ Data

Unlike traditional integration architecture with complicated frameworks, which increases the risk of data errors, you can acquire data from several sources and bring it together in one place to create a longitudinal view of patients’ data.

Risk-based stratification

More transparency in the health status of
individuals and the population

Our population health management platform stratifies each layer of patient data, even from hidden files and correlations to identify current and future risks then segments patient populations into a health and high-risk population.

Identifying care gaps

Identify and bridge the gaps in patient care

Provides a consolidated 360° view of patient information and helps identify medical care gaps in patient care, enabling care providers to bridge care gaps with automated workflows and outreach to communicate health information and improve quality of care.

Care Team Coordination

Synchronized care for better outcomes

Ignites comprehensive care coordination among payers, providers, care coordinators, and administrators to identify risk and deliver right care at the right time.

Predictive Modelling

Intervene with the right patients at the right time in the right manner

Employs predictive artificial intelligence technology to aggregate and forecast the future health status of the vulnerable patient population, enabling care providers to detect diseases early and initiate preventative measures.

Evidence-based assessment

A data-driven approach towards decision-making

Gather each bit of patient data from all the points of patient interactions in their care journey and provide a contextual understanding of patient needs to improve the quality of care.

Optimal Resource Utilization

Make the most of your staff’s abilities

Hospitals must properly allocate their staff to prevent physician burnout, as staffing is the most significant expense of any healthcare organization delivering services to patients and consumers. Our data activation platform allows healthcare organizations to predict staffing levels more accurately by visualizing their skill sets and comparing their performance with peers.

Improve Financial Performance

Drive revenue growth through predictive business analytics

Increasing care costs and lower reimbursements are jeopardizing the revenue cycle of healthcare organizations. These issues go unnoticed due to a lack of analytics and visualizations. Our business analytics technology creates more transparency in financial operations and helps healthcare organizations to get paid faster, reduce denials and A/Rs, improve reimbursement rates, and prevent fraudulent activities.

Optimize Business Operations

Improve operational efficiency and performance

Hospitals have complex administrative operations that consume a significant amount of time and resources, from staffing to patient scheduling to stocking drugs and supplies. To ensure these functions run smoothly, hospitals need high-end data analytics. Using predictive analytics, hospitals can optimize their staff based on workload, cut down on administrative costs and revenue leakages, prevent fraud and pilferage, and improve coordination among departments.

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